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Pinnacle Infotech 

A super awesome explanatory video about Scan To BIM 

How India should have benefited if we had trained our people well, but there's a lot to come

The total international revenue for the Top 225 was down 7.1% among surveyed companies, decreasing from $72.31 billion in 2019 to $67.14 billion in 2020. Even though revenue for many global firms fell last year, many companies anticipate market conditions to get better in the near future. With nuanced differences, the Top 225 companies are refocusing their international reach to take on infrastructure recovery projects worldwide, designing pandemic-ready operations and responding to their respective markets in the process.

The Analysis from an Indian perspective-

While many things are self explanatory about business in the report which is made by one of the top magazines of the world- ENR, here are some aspects that have to be considered too.

-Consulting revenue of Top 225 was down 7%, by say USD 5 billion. Translated into project/ materials /contract value etc.- this roughly can amount to USD 100 billion- that is a huge amount, which drives manufacturers, contractors and creates job openings.

-If the USA is going to pump in USD 1 Trillion in infra over the next few years ( USD 1000 billion ), it is theoretically 10 times the deficit created by the pandemic in 2020.  The consulting revenue out of this work at approx 5% of project cost will be USD 50 billion - again 10 times of what the deficit in consulting was over a 9 month pandemic period of 2020.

-Is the consulting engineering business in USA ready for the surge ? As it is, USA is short of specialised staff and if work from home continues as well, the efficiency and delivery will be a key issue. The point is, there could be a big surge of work for consulting companies in late 2021 and in 2022 (Big and small)
. Big beneficiaries will also be the subsidiaries of MNCs in the developing world like India which are eventually learning how to deliver the best, in time and with even 24x7 working . A lot of work could have also got passed on to local Indian companies and smaller vendors in India- provided we would have properly trained our engineers by now to take on challenging work with best quality, that is the hallmark of the big and mighty multinationals. Maybe more MNCS will set up a backend in India in time to come, with their own internal training and secure work systems. However there is really a great scope now for tie ups and collaborations with Indian setups.

As per US Senators, the bill  includes $550 billion in new infrastructure expenditure and $450 billion of funds that were approved previously.  The bill proposes the highest spending of $110 billion on the construction of new roads and bridges across USA. Since the emphasis initially is  USD 550 billion- in new infra spending for roads, bridges, and infra, one would focus on civil engg softwares like Civil 3D, OpenRoads, 12 D etc and others, for which one doubts if India has a really good quantum of people for delivery which will need fast action as work can flow in pretty fast. Of course there are many other softwares which are also are required in the process, but are having a wider and routine usage and also having availability of manpower.

 ​BIM in Design Construction & Operations :

 Courtesy ASAPP Info Global 

 Excellent discussion on  BIM  by top level Indian experts

​​Precast & Prefab Technolgy in India: ASAPP Info Global 

Excellent discussion on practical aspects of implementing     

Precast and Prefab Technology in India- problems, solutions            and comments of experts 

India's largest hospital ( 69200 sq.ft) built by Precast Concrete Technology in just  45 days.

A remarkable achievement by Teemage Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Nevertheless good marketing of India's services, an organised effort for capacity building and quality is the need of the hour. Infrastructure projects are difficult to outsource for multiple reasons, but can be managed with an international business set ups.  This was a great opportunity for big business in outsourced services  at the higher end of the engineering spectrum , but seems already lost, except for some few . It will require some more time to master the requirements and  to train people in India. Perhaps it is time India gears up in a  very organised and  systematic way by training its core engineers extremely well in all possible ways for work to be done for years at the back end in India. The flip side is that we have a good quantum of people with basic engineering skills available and who understand English-which perhaps no other country has . It took 25 years for the software industry to reach current delivery levels- but that's a much wider field  for outsourced work with changing technologies. An organised effort right away will make things change in comparatively lesser time span.

Written by DInesh Bandiwadekar, Founder -The Engineers Forum

Pinnacle Infotech 

A super awesome educational video & discussion about precast technology: PRECAST - WHEN & HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN

Pinnacle Infotech 

9 fantastic sessions of BIM/ VR / Laser Scanning/Digital Twins/ Precast/ MEP. Check YouTube for all 9 sessions.

Webinar on the designing the Future of Architecture  : Courtesy CW Magazine- ASAAP World Media

An enlightening discussion on how the future of architecture is shaping up and what we need to do- all from the experts

Webinar on the tremendous opportunities for students / interns- a fantastic session - Be proud about our country!

An enlightening discussion on how the future of India is getting shaped by AICTE -NEAT-Min. of Education- don't miss. A great learning about industry - institute connect. Streamed live on Aug 9, 2021 ( A 2 hour session )

Constructible BIM for AEC : Courtesy ASAPP Info Global 

Excellent discussion on practical aspects of implementing BIM in India- problems, solutions and comments of experts 

Infrasteel Summit 2021: Courtesy CW Magazine- ASAAP World Media

An enlightening discussion on usage of steel in India in construction.

4 hours of in depth & intelligent discussion by experts

Construction Technology Summit Evolving Role of the Modern BIM manager: Courtesy CW Magazine- ASAAP World Media

An enlightening discussion on how to speed up and improve BIM implementation in Indian construction scenario.

​​A unique forum for capability building  to become a great Manager and an Engineering Leader​​​

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A fantastic discussion on using steel for quick (steel buildings ) construction of hospitals and other medical facilities.


Here are some useful resources from an Indian context and about digital construction.

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    International Issues, but relevant to India's outsourcing industry

Accelerating Digitalisation in the Rail Industry presented by Autodesk: Courtesy CW Magazine- ASAAP World Media

An enlightening discussion on how to speed up and improve digitalisation in Indian Railways

Pinnacle & Autodesk 

An enlightening discussion on BIM & Digital Construction from working experts

One of the biggest developments of modern times for US infrastructure

"We’re on the cusp of an infrastructure decade that I truly believe will transform America."- President Biden

News/Analysis Courtesy: Washington Post & Investopedia

Excellent discussion on a mix of related subjects-    Precast, Concrete, Cement-( covers expert discussion on precast v/s cast-in-situ as well ) 

Media Courtesy  ASAAP Construction World magazine 

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