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Guidance for Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Videos/clips are possibly the best way in promoting services. These are renders and not actual filming / shooting of a house- interiors & exteriors. Click on the images.


First post for an online software

Posts for marketing of Construction Products and Engineering Services have to be in simple language, technically informative, with real time information and graphics of the project done, and if possible educative. This makes it interesting to read for your potential audience, like and subscribe to your other posts. The post should create trust about your product / delivery capabilities.

Great posts also attract good talent to your organisation. Social Media posts on good platforms are a great way for Brand Building at almost no cost.

The above post is simple, with a good amount of technical information in it, and with a good graphic

This post is technically informative & educational and from a marketing perspective is talking about the capability to handle BIM for a large skyscraper project.

TESTIMONIAL POST- product approval from a reputed Government organisation

          1.  Original Posts/ Content Creation for Technical / Engineering posts

   ​     2.   Influencer Marketing

The above post is simple,informative and educational and yet from an marketing perspective telling about a big project handled - which will make you look out for more posts from Excelize

 Watch some more wonderful ''walkthrough'' posts of the above architectural service provider



​Re-posting original posts to a very wide range of potential clients, with additional qualified content ( from the influencer ) -for a better and targeted reach, or to a local audience ( area specific ) and to subject matter experts- can really help spread the word about your products/ services

Testimonial from a veteran engineer in construction, contracting & design 

I am extremely happy with the guidance & service provided by Dinesh Bandiwadekar for the digital marketing of my unique on-line design software www.MVdad.com  through LinkedIn.com . Dinesh being a very experienced person could understand my product and pitched it systematically & very well to a large targeted audience that needed my services. I am seeing a regular inflow of enquiries. This is a wonderful low cost marketing tool. I got many orders too due to digital marketing.

​​Er. B.P. Karamchandani-Civil/Stuct Engr +software developer

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Email:  karamchandani.bp@gmail.com ​

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We can advise you on digital marketing of your products for the engineering and construction field, including engineering services. We can create meaningful content that makes your post stand out.

Digital marketing is a very cost effective and focused method of marketing and the key to success and survival in this highly competitive

modern times. Some LinkedIn postings are presented here.

The above post is simple, with a good amount of technical information in it, and with a good graphic


3. Some good posts from a marketing perspective ( Construction Products / Engineering Services only ) 

Subsequent 3 posts shown here  are technically in sequence, specific, and more detailed. This one is on design of Footings, and will be followed up with design of Columns, Beams, and Slabs with different support conditions  etc., to keep a potential audience engaged.