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Some of the ideas and suggestions made in the above papers have actually been actually appreciated by the Government. 


TheEngineersForum is a multi-purpose vehicle for Core Engineers and SME's to discuss, present & network on new technologies, products and services in the engineering & construction sector, and at the same time improve Personalities, Soft Skills, Build Knowledge and Management & Leadership Skills.

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Recent papers published by IJAR, IJSER , IJERT & IRJET focused on how to manage multiple development initiatives in current Covid -19 scenario and in the future how to build capacity and expedite healthcare and civil infrastructure​ ​​

Contents of the following two papers have been appreciated by top functionaries of  Niti Aayog,  AICTE  and by the GLCM (Global Leaders in Construction Management) of Columbia University- in the City of New York, NY.

  I am also an official Reviewer of papers related to construction & engineering for the well known journal:               IJERT- INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY ( www.ijert.org )