-Post Graduate Studies                   -Guidance for StartUps

-Overseas Studies                           -Internships

-Career Planning/ Job Issues          -Digital Marketing 

-Human Resources/ L&D/Training   -Guidance on Autodesk/Bentley


-Engineering Design                          -Geotechnical Engg/ Products

-Formwork Design & Engg                -Setting Up Concrete Labs        -Transportation Engg/ Metro              -Ready Mix technologies

-Contracts/ FIDIC knowledge             -Prestressed Concrete

-BD /Tendering/ Sales & Mktg            -Construction & Building

-PMC /Site/ Quality Issues                  Materials

-Procurement / EPC/ EPCM              - Pre Engineered Buildings

-RMC /Concrete Technologies           -Precast Concrete

-LIDAR                                               -Water & Waste Water

-Aerial Photography/ Mapping           -Low Cost / Mass Housing

-Drone services                                 - Steel Structures

-Software Training/ Engg Services    - LGSF 

   -BIM, Steel Detailing ,Rebar,CAD, - Light House Project

   -Virtual Design & Construction         technologies/ products 

   -Design softwares STAAD/ETABS  -NAVARITH (BMTPC)                 & other softwares/ applications        certification    

Introductory session between Mentor & Mentee

The first / introductory session of 15 minutes with a potential candidate ( mentee ) is free as a rule & compulsory, but later on you can charge the candidate as per the suggested fees.  In the introductory session you can discuss what is the need of the mentee and what you have to offer as an mentor.

   Your chance to  contribute towards the nation

Social Initiative

Any Query? Write to

TEFMI- The Great Mentoring Initiative

​​Job/ Career Orientation

 TEFMI:  The Engineers Forum - Mentoring Initiative is the place for practical and low cost solutions to mentor thousands of talented engineers, technology enthusiasts, students & interns across the country. 

Rules & Regulations For Mentees

You have to be generally below 35 of age. Exceptions can be made as many high tech areas are managed by young people.

Fees can be discussed between you and the mentor directly. TEF will not be responsible for payment related issues between the Mentors & Mentees. TEF does not accept/ ask for any fees.

All trainings will be on a 1 to 1 basis. You can have 1 or multiple mentoring sessions with your Mentee.

Quality of mentoring will not be monitored by TEF, but complaints  can be raised. Mentors are screened by TEF before accepting as approved mentor. The Engineers Forum does not take any responsibility for the quality and satisfaction of the coaching. This is only a connection & networking platform.

All mentors and mentees are advised to discuss mutually agreeable payment terms and obtain payment in advance of the session. You are advised to pay session wise ( in advance ).

To register as Mentee please send a mail to  and indicate in which areas you need guidance in.


     Share Knowledge,Guide, Mentor, Prosper

Method of communication between Mentor & Mentee

Your interaction can be on a Zoom Call/ Google Meet/ Phone Call /Skype at a mutually convenient timing.

Notice: Please ensure you have read the General Guidelines for both Mentors & Mentees at the end of the page.  The Engineers Forum is continuosly building its database of mentors and mentees though the social media & word of mouth.

A unique forum for

 Mentoring and Learning & Development

for Engineers


The biggest advantage India has is a huge population of young, talented and hard working people across the country willing to deliver results in their work.  This is the future of India, and will  drive India's economy for decades. What the young definitely need however is excellent guidance to improve their practical knowledge and work experience and develop a business dimension to their ideas.  

Seminars/ Training Courses are good, but are expensive, time consuming and do not focus on solving your specific/personal problems and queries in detail. A 1 to 1 MENTORING platform like this does that at a low price and utilising experts with practical knowledge. 

Nation Wide Coverage

One time, Short term & Long term mentoring

TheEngineersForum is a multi-purpose vehicle for Core Engineers and SME's to discuss, present & network on new technologies, products and services in the engineering & construction sector, and at the same time improve Personalities, Soft Skills, Build Knowledge and Management & Leadership Skills.

​​​​A unique forum for capability building  to become a great Manager and an Engineering Leader​​​

TEFMI- The Great Mentoring Initiative

Give us 24 hours to approve & upload your listing as a Mentor/ Mentee after you have paid.                                

Get a free PDF copy of our book BEing More Than a B.E. and THE RETURN FLIGHT together worth Rs. 500/- on registation.

               General guidelines for Mentors and Mentees from The Engineers Forum- Mentoring Initiative ( TEF-MI )

1. This is only a networking and connection forum with responsibility of TEF-MI limited to connecting Mentor & Mentee for mutual benefit/ deciding the next level of association.
2. The first session with a potential Mentee of 15 minutes is 'free of cost', where one can check out if the mentee can benefit from the mentor. . Proceed to a proper paid mentoring session on topics that you excel in, only if there is a proper need for mentoring/ tutoring established. The first session could be on a telephone call only. Subsequent sessions have to be on Video conferencing. ( Google Meet / Zoom etc )
3. Keeping our costs low, we are trying to enable volume and also giving back to society. Treat this initiative as a  'Personal' Social Responsibility (PSR)
4. Retired persons and experienced persons are very much welcome to contribute with their knowledge & experience.
5. All responsibilities for coaching/ mentoring/ quality, delivery and engagement, including payment for services offered  are purely issues between the Mentor & Mentee. TEF-MI is not responsible for any of these issues.
6. Expect one to multiple mentoring requests from the same candidate. Most people will consult you initially for basic guidance and advise. We recommend a  maximum fee of Rs 1500/- per 30 min of mentoring. TEF does not receive/ asks for any payment.
7. If you are giving/ parting with a high level knowledge to sustain a business etc, you can deal with that on a personal consultancy basis at market rates outside this forum. This forum could be your opening to bigger consultancy work in time to come. TEF-MI has no stake in your decisions/ income. As far as personal mentoring through TEF-MI is concerned, one needs to connect through the platform. 
8. Guidance has to be crisp/ to the point and practical. It should be focussed on career/ work/ job / technology/ engineering issues/ techno-commercial issues. Mentor should not disclose trade secrets/ information pertaining to his/ his company clients, but is free to educate about /sell/ market his products/ services. Expect a Question Answer method of interaction where Mentee will clarify many of his doubts about the subject/ issues, yet mentors have to be prepared with basic PPTs if possible in their specialties. 
9. Mentor -Mentees are requested to adhere to agreed meeting timings. One can use any mode of communication/ video conferencing.
10. Payments from mentees to mentors can be in multiple ways- UPI-GPay/ Bank Transfer etc. Each session needs to be paid in advance. Payment is to be made/ accepted session wise only, ( 30 min minimum  per session )  and in advance and not exceeding Rs 1500/-. and has to be directly between mentors and mentee with no involvement of TEF-MI. 
11. Please treat this initiative as a  personal social responsibility (PSR) / grooming portal for India's young and future engineers. If any Mentor desires to waive fees/ guide for free, it is welcome. Many mentors are willing to offer basic guidance free of cost, but that is a personal decision.
12. TEF-MI allows mentees to have  free access to mentor details. However those Mentees becoming registered participants have a number of benefits in terms of a future job board/ internship opportunities /mailers/ technical information.. 
13. Mentees should be patient enough especially with Video Conferencing issues with Mentors. The setting up of a meeting  on VC should be done by the mentee.
14. Mentees should appreciate that they are dealing with highly experienced senior people/ experts in their field who are willing to share their knowledge and respect is warranted to them. 

If you are above 40, and have specialised experience in 1 to 3  different areas ( of minimum 10-15 years ), connected with construction, engineering, design, building materials,  general A/E/C domain and connected HR work, we welcome you to be of great service to the nation. In a most effective manner you can contribute to the young in various aspects of technical knowledge, commercial knowledge and business ideas.  With normal effort & a little time, collectively we together will be making a huge difference to society and to the community. 

Do keep in mind that the motive behind this is low cost, practical, and sincere advise for the engineering community. Through this activity you can contribute to the nation by offering guidance in career planning, technology, new development and entrepreneurship.


-Working personnel above 40 are welcome ( 15 years exp.)

-Engineering consultants- working/ retired

-Retired Government Engineers are welcome

-Engineering college teachers/ Tutors are welcome
-Retired private sector staff is welcome

-International personnel are welcome (e.g. Gulf Exp )

-Senior / Retired staff from Govt Deptts &   Engineering  organisations are welcome ( example   PWD,  EIL, PDIL,WAPCOS, Municipal Corpns)

-Retired BMTPC, IITs experts


-HR staff with Civil Engg /A/E/C companies

-Real Estate Experts 

Rules & Regulations for Mentors 

You have to be of over generally 40 years of age with minimum 15 years of very good knowledge and experience in your area of expertise.

You are invited to mentor younger people seeking specialised advise / general advise about  technical aspects/ work, jobs, business, entreprunership, but without divulging your company/ employer's confidential information/ trade secrets. You are however welcome to sell/ advise about your products and services for the benefit of everyone, and even seek good potential candidates for work. Example- if someone needs to know about the construction chemicals field, and if you are working for a company  that  manufactures them, you should advise the mentee about your useful products.

You  are entirely responsible for the association between you and your mentee. The Engineers Forum does not take any responsibility for the quality and satisfaction of the coaching, and any payment related issue. This is only a connection and networking platform.

All trainings will be on a 1 to 1 basis. You can have 1 or multiple mentoring sessions with your Mentee.

To register and get approved, please send us your CV and details about  one or more areas of work where you can mentor others. Send