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Thank You Notes from some working professionals

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Hi, I am Vivek Patidar, BE Civil and a BIM expert. I worked with Dinesh Sir for 2.5 years in Surat. I am talking this opportunity to thank Dinesh Sir for providing me excellent career guidance on multiple times during the working period and after.

Vivek Patidar, Pune


A recommendation from an entrepreneur who has benefited while setting up his business in Building Materials trading ( with Guidance from BYST mentor )

I am Madhu Bhaskaran, a first generation businessman.  I have received invaluable guidance and advise on many aspects of business in building materials trading from BYST Mentor Dinesh Bandiwadekar, free of charge for a number of years.  Also, Dinesh guided me about the Indian market for many different products that could be taken up for trading, and the new channels available for the same.

Madhu Bhaskaran
House of Ceramics
madhubhaskaran1974@gmail.com   / 9136122850

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​EMAIL: dinesh@TheEngineersForum.in 

​Mobile: 91-7400490117 / 9619545460

Hi, I am Ratnapriya, a BE Civil graduate with 3 years experience in Precast Design and Detailing. Mr. DInesh gave me good advise as to how to enhance my career- free of charge and it has helped me a lot,

Ratnapriya K
Pune ( rinalm.konkati@gmail.com )

Hi, I am talking this opportunity to thank           . Dinesh Bandiwadekar for providing me good career guidance and referring me to a big MNC for a job. Looking forward to work with the new organization soon.

Ashish Senapathy (BIM Specialist- 5 years experience with a top company )

Odisha ( ashish.senapati9@gmail.com )

                     Career Advise is Free of Charge 

Hi, I am Dhaval, a BE Civil with 5 years experience in Civil 3D and I am happy with the free guidance given by Dinesh Sir  for my career and he actually helped me find a good job in an engineering consultancy, free of charge.
Dhaval Jangam
Thane ( dhavaljangam3@gmail.com )

Hi, I am Anupama, a Senior Architect with over 20 years of working experience in one of the top international structural design & architectural consultancies. I consulted Mr. Dinesh when I thought about changing my job where I had worked for a very long time. Mr. Dinesh gave me excellent good advise about what I should do and it has helped me a lot.

Anupama S.
Pune ( anu_sabha@rediffmail.com )



Hi, I am Mansi and I am happy with the free guidance given by Dinesh Sir to my questions on graphic design career enquiries.

Mansi Ladkar
I.T. / Engg Student
Thane ( ladkarmansi@gmail.com )

I know Dinesh for several years and he is a great coach & mentor and support to young people out to make a career. Students should feel free to take his assistance without any hesitation.