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  ​​​​Testimonial from our first student in 2014 when we started our coaching- Romit Takle  was a final year engineering student    

 I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Dinesh Sir is really good at improving one's personality, presentation skills, enhancing  general industry knowledge & providing career tips.  I’m glad that he has helped me overcome all my self-doubts, and made me more confident. The course content was really helpful and can be beneficial across any sector.

With personal coaching & advise from Mr. Dinesh, it  has landed me with a very good & challenging job at Tata Projects Ltd which I am very much thankful to him. He had advised me to move into BIM many years ago which I did.  I now work in the area of 3D,4D&5D BIM Specialist & BIM Co-ordinator and in  VR & AR.  Now the course content may have evolved from the start as I was one of his first student so I may take another session for learning more. 

Thank You Persona Academy/ The Engineers Forum                                                                                  Romit Takle   timor.romit@gmail.com

Do you want to know what India has in store in the infrastructure arena and what is already being successfully implemented?  ​​


2.  PMAY                       5.  ASHA

3.  AMRUT                     6. ARHC

 Testimonial from a senior level manager who is now a Senior Director in a large American MNC                                                                                 (Top management ) 

I was a student at Persona Academy during 2017–18, and with Dinesh Sir’s continuous guidance and fantastic training I got several inputs to improve myself and help me in my work & in office interactions and reach the position of a SENIOR Director in an American MNC at age 40.




Testimonial from an overseas student - from Abu Dhabi- UAE  (Middle Management )

I am Afaque Usman Katil, working as a design engineer in a well known company in U.A.E., manufacturing state-of-the-art armored  vehicles for various armies around the world . I traveled to Thane  for the specialized course in "Persona for Engineers'', and it was a great experience for me to learn many aspects of personality development and soft skills, presentation skills,  group discussions and debating in a very effective manner.  

I also learnt to coordinate meetings like kick off meetings, engage in arguments and negotiations, compere office programmes, and present to teams of clients- all with the unique techniques Mr. Dinesh has skillfully developed from his personal experiences.

I highly recommend this course to all engineers and also others who wish to

improve their personalities, soft skills and critical thinking in an accelerated

mode of learning. The skills that I learnt are highly effective in the modern office

environment, specially for engineers aiming at top techno-managerial positions .

Er. Afaque Usman Katil   afaque.katil@gmail.com

​( Did our course in 2017 )​


Are you aware of :

-Pre Feasibility /Feasibility Studies


-Transaction Advisory Services

-Lenders Engineer

-Project Management Consultancy

-Independent Engineer

-Authority Engineer

​​​​A unique forum for capability building  to become a great Manager and an Engineering Leader​​​

TheEngineersForum is a multi-purpose vehicle for Core Engineers and SME's to discuss, present & network on new technologies, products and services in the engineering & construction sector, and at the same time improve Personalities, Soft Skills, Build Knowledge and Management & Leadership Skills.

Enquire further: dinesh@TheEngineersForum.in / 9619545460

     Share Knowledge,Guide, Mentor, Prosper

   PDMS Course


                                     ( with complete focus on Engineering Related issues - commercial / technical ) 

1. Objectives of the PDMS course:  To give you great confidence in corporate and business settings, in commercial and technical matters  and in day to day life. It will polish your ability to think critically /speak/ present / discuss meaningfully.​ It is a highly subsidised course, developed to benefit everyone. The content is well researched, career oriented and documented to benefit everyone who participates.

2. Duration of each session: 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 minutes / 2 hours maximum each session.( 20 hours totally )
3. One on One Course ( 1 on 1 ): It is a unique  "one on one course", with 80% interaction on a one-on-one basis & 20% interaction in groups. Full/ undivided attention on you.
4. Course Schedule & Timings: As per your convenience Off-Line an On-line/ mutally covenient timings.
5. Training location:  Thane ( West ) Pin 400608 and Online is an option

6. Engineering Leadership issues & personality development training with content  /knowledge building:

 - We will have a Heart-to- Heart talk with you on Day 1 about your requirements

-  Discuss your Career issues

 - We will train you to be perfect in making presentations on Engineering matters

   & speaking confidently about products/services related to your work.

- Help you to express & discuss technical issues eloquently/ improve content 

- Enhance your Digital Marketing Skills / Web Presence

- Project Discussions / Feasibility study presentations

- Writing solutions to engineering case studies

- Creating Leadership Development Plan, Project Charter Documents etc

- Making Concept notes 

- Team Leader Training 

- Conducting meetings / kick off meetings 

- Face & conduct mock engineering interviews, sell engineering products & services, 

- Present  PPTs on interesting subject matters

- Discuss governance issues & engineering issues facing India 

- Develop excellent report / proposal writing abilities.

- Help with your technical paper writing

- Advise you about MOOC Courses/ certifications relevant to your career objectives

- Home Work advisory to be done to excel

            COST OF YOUR PERSONALISED TRAINING: Variable pricing, depending on your needs, time spent, experience & objectives​