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Hi, I am Ratnapriya, a BE Civil graduate with 3 years experience in Precast Design and Detailing. Mr. DInesh gave me good advise as to how to enhance my career- free of charge and it has helped me a lot,

Ratnapriya K
Pune ( )

Hi, I am talking this opportunity to thank           . Dinesh Bandiwadekar for providing me good career guidance and referring me to a big MNC for a job. Looking forward to work with the new organization soon.

Ashish Senapathy (BIM Specialist- 5 years experience with a top company )

Odisha ( )

Hi, I am Dhaval, a BE Civil with 5 years experience in Civil 3D and I am happy with the free guidance given by Dinesh Sir  for my career and he actually helped me find a good job in an engineering consultancy, free of charge.
Dhaval Jangam
Thane ( )



If you are a person who takes great interest in the development of the country and if you are involved in the construction sector AND/OR in digital aspects of construction technology, A/E/C/O software development, and improving Governance in this area for public good, then we invite you to join our group:

''Digital Issues & Interventions in Infrastructure Governance in India (DIGS) by'' :-

The purpose of this group is to contribute & share suggestions, ideas and innovations in digital management of projects for India's infrastructure in all areas - roads, highways, water & waste water, buildings,hospitals & tourism, ports etc.

We invite suggestions, articles, research papers , ideas that are practical and implementable and also showcase ideas and technologies that are already implemented . The involvement of experienced people is invited to post so that it will serve as a launch pad for ideas for growth and development of the industry , the digital contribution towards it and also mentor the young people in the industry.

There is a need for such an interaction between Core Infrastructure & Civil Engineers/ Structural Engineers/ Engineering Consultants / Architects on one side AND digital experts/ programmers / modellers on the other, AND of course the Governance aspect of this subject without which rules & regulations may not evolve for digital implementation. So we invite key Government authorities/ Govt organisations & trade bodies to contribute as well.

The group plans to on board several well qualified , experienced and dedicated personnel from all the above areas/ domains. The ultimate objective is to do something for the nation, as a small or big contribution in this specialised area, considering Trillions of Dollars/ Rupees are going to be invested in Indian infrastructure projects.

We will put up relevant suggestions to NitiAyog and other top policy making institutions of the country and keep the group members informed.


Hi, I am Mansi and I am happy with the free guidance given by Dinesh Sir to my questions on graphic design career enquiries.

Mansi Ladkar
I.T. / Engg Student
Thane ( )

I know Dinesh for several years and he is a great coach & mentor and support to young people out to make a career. Students should feel free to take his assistance without any hesitation.


TheEngineersForum is a multi-purpose vehicle for Core Engineers and SME's to discuss, present & network on new technologies, products and services in the engineering & construction sector, and at the same time improve Personalities, Soft Skills, Build Knowledge and Management & Leadership Skills.

​​A unique forum for capability building  to become a great Manager and an Engineering Leader​​​

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