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Reviews by Readers from the U.S. and from India for the book "BEing more than a B.E"

Anant Khanolkar, Boston, MA 
(Post Graduate Civil Engineer and MS in Information Technology with 25+ years of experience selling Enterprise Systems  in 55+ countries) 

I work in the USA for the last 30 years and have traveled regularly to several countries on business assignments. This is one of the most practical books I have read, focussing on self-development from an office, business & work perspective. Hats off to Dinesh for getting this on paper, what he practices at Persona Academy in Thane, Mumbai India. 
Mob: + 1 508 517 1392 

Saifuddin Daresalamwala, P.E., Dallas, TX
(M.S. in Structural Engg and now in the Information Technology field) 

This is an awesome collection of practical exercises for nurturing your professional and personal growth. This book is a gem and emphasizes soft skills, leadership and relationship building. Highly recommended. With my thirty years in the USA, I am confident that you will benefit.  A masterful collection of words, phrases and hands-on exercises for self-improvement on many fronts as regards your office & work presence. 
Mob: + 1 719 649 6365 

Avinash Gunde, Pune, India (B.E. (Hons.) in Civil Engg. from  University of Mumbai) 

An excellent read! Most practical! A lot of books talk about personality development and soft skills but do not tell you how to actually get it implemented. Most relevant for non MBAs to make an impression. I have hardly come across anything like this in my 33 years of working as an Engineer for Tatas, Kirloskar, and others. Perfect for IT Managers and Engineers to enhance their own valuation by excelling in meetings, presentations, and office events. 
Mob: + 91 9881001436 

Dinesh Bhadakwad, Mumbai, India (B.E. in Civil Engineering from Pune University with over 18 years of experience in Project Management and the last 9 years at JLL India,  an American Multinational)

I was a student at Persona Academy during 2017–18, and with Dinesh Sir’s continuous guidance and fantastic training modules, got several inputs to improve myself and help me in my work & office interactions and reach the position of  Director at JLL India at age 40. This book is a wonderful and practical guide to improve your personality & soft skills. 

Dinesh.bhadakwad@gmail. com  
Mob: + 91 9833099987

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