TheEngineersForum is a multi-purpose vehicle for Core Engineers and SME's to DISCUSS,  NETWORK, & PRESENT  new technologies, products and services in the engineering & related I.T. domain, and at the same time improve Personalities, soft skills, and Business Management Skills.

A unique forum to become an Engineering Leader and a great Manager

A unique forum for

Personality Development

& Soft Skills Training for Engineers 

Soft Skills and Personality testing of candidates from Industry & selection and training.

Manpower services and Placement Services for large companies and SMEs.

We undertake testing of candidates working in the Engineering,  Building materials,  and the Construction sector ( Business Development ) not only for their technical skills and commercial ability but also for identifying their soft skills and personality ratings. Based on our practical working experience in Sales, Marketing & Business Development for 30 years, we will test your candidates on the following parameters keeping in mind mainly the English language:

Verbal Interaction Skills

Sales Skills

PowerPoint Presentation Skills

Group Discussion Skills

Case Study presentation skills

Vocabulary testing ( Emphasis on Business Vocabulary )

Negotiation Skills

Email drafting & written communication skills

The ratings help you to decide the candidate’s suitability for client facing roles in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. You could send in new candidates before hiring them, or send existing candidates for a review. The reviews will help you decide promotions /cross-postings in different department/ placements/training and even your selection & recruitment needs.

To understand more, please see the page on “Persona For Engineers”-; many highly technical skilled engineers are required to meet, present and conclude deals with clients, and attend review meetings eventually- even if they are not hardcore Sales / Business Development personnel.  Even if the person is brilliant in Engineering, he may not be successful in convincing your clients/ argue well for your company/ defend your company in tender openings/ kick-off meetings/  & negotiate better rates for your products and services.  We will check out on such issues through our testing methods, and later greatly modify his skills as well if you assign us the task.   Many medium-sized and small companies lose out on business due to their personnel not being up to the mark in these areas, though they may be specialists in their own right.

The highest level of candidates that we have trained in Personality Development & Soft Skills are a President of a very  large telecom company, Head of Department of a  Multinational  Insurance firm,  V.P.’s and General Managers ( Finance & Accounts ) of multinational cement companies and general financing companies, Head of Market Research of a multinational market research  company  from Singapore, a Director of a Rs 30 crore chemical manufacturing company. Overall, we have trained more than 175 candidates from various industries who have come to us at all levels, and we know the practical and ‘
no-nonsense’  ways of going about it.

You may ask me here, what is the difference between  Soft Skills and Personality Development? These words are often wrongly used interchangeably. To us, it is very simple:

“Making a Slick presentation to a client and discussing business well, is a Soft Skill.”


Arguing solidly for a higher price, for better payment terms and collection of dues from your client and defending the decisions of your company is a sound “Personality”.

Both are needed in today’s world to succeed, whether you like it or not!

Write to me to discuss further and to know our charges for the testing. Our services are very reasonably priced.